Grouped Bar Chart in ReportCE

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0. I need help in creating group bar chart in CE report. Please suggest the steps or share code snippet for the same.

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Hello Kaji,

We have created a grouped barchart VF which you can use. Please download the attached file. Please note that the grouped bar chart with have 2 dimensions and 1 measure.

Grouped (1.1 KB)

Follow the below steps:

  1. Select custom chart option from the visualization
  2. In Visualization section, enter the code present in the VF inside CDATA. This is the logic for the visualization of grouped bar chart.
  3. In SQL section, provide the alias “dimension_1”, “dimension_2”, “value” for the 2 dimensions and measure respectively.
	"HIUSER"."employee_details"."employee_name" as "dimension_1",
 	"HIUSER"."travel_details"."travel_medium" as "dimension_2",
 	sum("HIUSER"."travel_details"."travel_cost") as "value" 
	inner join "HIUSER"."employee_details" on ("HIUSER"."employee_details"."employee_id" = "HIUSER"."travel_details"."travelled_by") 
group by
	"HIUSER"."employee_details"."employee_name", "HIUSER"."travel_details"."travel_medium" FETCH FIRST 22 ROWS ONLY

Generate the chart.

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Helical Insight.