Google Biq Query not working

Hello Helical Insight,

Hello, I am using Helical Insight 4.0 and I am trying to use Google BigQuery with a connection string as the url like this one:


and I get: Error: EfwdServiceException: Unable to obtain connection. com/google/api/client/json/JsonFactory

Thank You,

It seems like that the DB driver is not correctly uploaded.

(a) login as hiadmin and then via the “plugin” section uninstall the already installed google big query driver.

(b) After uninstalling do a hard reload using Ctrl + Shift + R
(c ) Then navigate to the datasources page.
(d) Download the Google Bigquery driver from and follow the steps. In the steps which you have followed you have missed on some step because of which this is happening…
(e) Go to datasources page, upload this downloaded driver for google bigquery. Then refresh the datasource page and connect.