Getting scroll and responsiveness issues in dasahboard

Hello Helical Insight,

Hi Team. I am using Helical Insight Enterprise edition 4.1 GA. I am creating dashboard with various visalizations but on the dashboard I am getting scrollbars. It is not responsive. Please help me with the same.


Hello Netta,

We believe you have used the header script available at the report level to add the heading.

Please don’t apply from there, single click on it and remove from the report level and click on apply button, then save report. Rather apply header via the right click option at dashboard designer level. Over there we have option of adding header. Alternatively if you want to use report level scripts you can use heading / subheader or footer script. They don’t cause such responsiveness issue.

Heading script of reports have some responsiveness issue which is known and has already been fixed. The same would be part of our subsequent release/

Thanks You,
Helical Insight.