Getting error if paste link to iframe

I am using HelicalInsight v4.1GA and have some URLs generated by the application. When I visit the site using these URLs, everything works fine. However, if I try to put these URLs inside an iframe or embed them, I encounter an issue.

The main problem lies in the query.mousewheel.min.js library. When used locally, I see a 404 error in the request tab because the system tries to fetch the library from …/hi-ee/undefinedjs/jquery.mousewheel.min.js. Instead of “undefinedjs,” it should be “js.”. Could u help me with that?

  • Please try in firefox first
  • Look at the console to see the errors
  • Make sure both parent application and Helical Insight are on HTTP as well as on the same domain to avoid any cross origin kind of issues
  • for firefox it works well. But if i open it like simple index.html file, it still not working. Only if i running my localhost server - it works
  • for consoles, the main issue are with jquery, because can’t load it
  • both of that are on HTTP domain

I’ve tried to add some screenshots, but new users can’t do that

then my question is, what i have to do, to fix it in browsers that doesn’t work?