Fixing filters position in scrollable Dashboard at top

HI Team.

I am using Helical Insight EE 4.1 GA. I am building a dashboard and that dashboard has got multiple reports because of which scroll will come. There is also going to be filter which will be present at the top, now the problem is that when scrolling will happen end user will not know what is the value he had selected at the filter as it will go up.
Is there a method through which I can freeze the position of filters at the top and it should always remain visible despite the scroll event?

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Hello Sesa,

In this document we will cover how you can have a filter at the top and even if you scroll the filters will always be visible.

  1. Create few reports which are having common filters
  2. Add reports into dashboard designer
  3. Add filters, input and submit button. Submit button is optional. There are documentation on the website present which you can go through to learn how to implement submit button.
  4. Now group filters and submit button together
    Please refer this link for grouping :
    Grouping One or More Components in Dashboard Designer - Helical Insight
  5. Right click on that group and give it a background color. After grouping give some background color for group , it looks like below. Giving of this background color is also optional. We have just done that so that an end user knows that this is a separate box.


  1. Save the dashboard
  2. Open the dashbard in new window and inspect the group div


  1. Open the dashboard in edit mode and provide below css for that group div id

position :fixed !important;


  1. Save the dashboard
  2. Now open the dashboard and scroll down
    (The filters group always will be at fixed position , you can apply filters it reflects for all the reports)


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Helical Insight.