File browser not opening all the files


To edit/open any meta data, report or dashboard file I must first return to the home screen or the file wont open.

For example, I cannot edit a report while in the report editor. I must first go to the home screen and select the report to edit from the home screen file browser. Just to make it clear, I am using Helical Insight version 5.0 GIT 686.


Hello Vema,

This is as per design and was also there in Helical Insight version 4.1GA as well.
File Browser in every module is customized to cater to that need only. This helps user to spend less time to sort through all files to find the one needed. While you are in Reports, you’d see only Report files only. To open dashboard files you have to be ether in Dashboard module or on Home page.

Further, if you want to look for all files in any module. you may try the search field below the file browser. This will show the screen like file browser and will also show all the files.


Thank you,
Helical Insight.