Export Not Working

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0. I am trying to export my dashboard, but it is not working. Please help to resolve this. Other dashboards and reports are exporting fine but not this one.


Hello Vonope,

Helical Insight uses PhantomJS to export dashboards to PDF/PNG/JPEG. Many a times what is seen is if you have added your external HTML CSS JS it might not be compatible with Phantom and thats why PhantomJS is not able to export that specific dashboard.
In order to check whether there is an issue at PhantomJS level, you can render the dashboard using the command:

…/hi/hi-repository/System/Reports/linux_phantomjs <screenshotjs> <report URL> <exportFilePath>

If this is not successful, then the issue is that the scripts are not compatible with PhantomJS.
Only if this is successful and you still have issue with export, the issue may be due to some configuration in Helical Insight. You may want to check the admin permission level of phantom and give it root permission so that it works fine and is able to export correctly.

Helical Insight.