Error during installation using mvn

I am getting the following error message:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project hi-ce: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.helicalinsight:hi-ce:war: The following artifacts could not be resolved: com.helicalinsight:hi-cache:jar:, com.helicalinsight:hi-core:jar:, com.helicalinsight:hi-export:jar:, com.helicalinsight:hi-externalauth:jar:, com.helicalinsight:hi-hwf:jar:, com.helicalinsight:hi-scheduling:jar:, com.helicalinsight:hi-vf-plugin:jar:, com.helicalinsight:hi-validation:jar: Could not find artifact com.helicalinsight:hi-cache:jar: in central (Central Repository:) → [Help 1]

I have followed the guide found here:

It fails on this step: mvn clean package -Denv=dev

I believe it cannot resolve the dependencies of the pom file.

What do I need to do to fix this? Thank you for any feedback/help!

Please note that the GIT is updated with instructions today(26 Sept 2022) to help with installation and resolve the current issue which you are facing.