Drilldown on Grouped Bar Chart


I have a grouped bar chart with the product name and country as the dimensions and the sales as the measure. I want to drill down to a child report. On drilldown, I want to pass both the product name and the country that has been selected. However, in the present drilldown script, I can only select one category that can be passed to the child report. Is there a way in which I can pass both the categories at the same time?

Thank You

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Hello Kevin,

We have modified the customization script for the chart drilldown to pass both the category and series of the grouped bar chart.

Download the file drilldown.zip (6.8 KB) and replace the file at the location:


Refresh the page and double click the Chart drilldown script. You will see the following multi-modal window:


For the grouped bar chart, you can set one of the dimensions (eg country) as the category and other dimension (eg Product Name) as the series.

This way, both the values will be passed to the child report on drilldown.

Thank You
From Team Helical