Drilldown on Card Widget

Hello Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0 and I do not see any customization script for drilldown on card widget. Is it possible to have a drilldown so that I can open a report on click of the card value?

Thank You

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Hello Krishna,

We have created a custom script so that this functionality can be achieved using a simple drag and drop interface instead of adding JS code in the editor.

Please download the following custom script Drilldown.zip (5.1 KB) (5.1 KB) and place it at location


Download the image image and place it at location


Refresh the page. You can see the Disable script in the Customize tab.

To implement drilldown on card widget, this script has been included. You can select the child report that needs to open.

You can select whether child report should open in the current tab or a new tab. Also, you can add parameters in the Parameter Mapping section.
This feature can be used to pass the filter parameters from the dashboard/parent report to the child report.