Drill down in cross tab

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I am using Helical Insight 4.1 GA and i have created a CROSS TAB visualization. Now i want to drill down to some another report on click of this CROSS TAB report. How can we apply drill down to cross tab ?

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This below solution will work I cross tab of enterprise version of or/below 4.1 enterprise version of Helical Insight.

There is no default UI based DRILL DOWN capabilities available for CROSS TAB report with Helical Insight 4.1 GA. But one can always write custom Javascript and inject in the JS placeholders at report level. For your reference, we have created a small sample code which will allow you to DRILL DOWN in CROSS TAB with HI 4.1. Modify this sample with your respective values and inject into JS Editor at report level. Below is the sample :

var id = hi_container.get(“renderId”);
var chartId = ‘#main’;
if(id != ‘’){
chartId = chartId+’-’+id;
$(chartId+’ tr th:nth-child(1)’).click(function() {
var txt = $(this).context.innerHTML;
function reportRender(txt) {

In the above code in window.open you have to specify the path of the child report, filterlabel etc.

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