Donut and pie chart all data labels


Why Small Portion in the Donut chart not getting displayed? Using helical insight ee 4.1 GA.


Hello Sesa,

This is the expected behavior of the chart. They are designed intelligently in order to show labels based on the amount of space available. If the data points are very less than it does not display.
If that is not the case then and if the charts start showing every label, then it will start looking very cluttered. Just imagine if you are showing day-wise sales and there are 365 data points and if it shows all the 365 labels then it will not be readable. That would be further difficult to read, look very ugly, and non-understandable on a smaller screen like mobile, etc. That is why html5 charts based on the screen space available and the area of the sectors shows and handles that. On hover, though it will still show all the details on the tooltip.


Helical Insight.