Display Selected Filter Values on Top of Report

Hello Team,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0 and I want to show the list of filter values that the user has selected on top of the report, especially when the report is a drilldown child report. Is this possible?

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Hello Bakag,

You can show the selected filter values using external JS or custom script.

We have created a customization script that can be used directly from the customization tab in report create/edit page.

You can download the script from here. displayfilters.zip (1.5 KB) . Place this script at location …/hi/hi-repository/System/Admin/CustomScripts/generic/js

Download this image image . Place this file at location …/hi/hi-repository/System/Admin/CustomScripts/generic/js

Refresh the page. You can see the DisplayFilters script in the Customize tab.

Double click on the script and Enable.


Thank You
From Team Helical