Disable auto formatting on legend year

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I have created a report in Helical Insight 5.1 where i am showing the data for various years. Separate color for every separate year but LEGENDS of the report is displaying year as 2K, 2K etc. I want legends to be shown as actual year value like 2022,2023,2024 and not like 2K. How to fix this ?

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Year is a numeric column so legends are appearing in auto format. The work around for this is we should go to color in marks then apply group by, Then we should use concat function to add “Year-” along with actual year value and changed it to discrete so that it will consider it as text , Then it will be displayed in the desired format.
If you don’t know how to apply dbfunctions reffer here : Database Functions - Helical Insight
Reference images as below :



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