Direct URLs in Helical Insight 5.0 for reports and dashboards


I am using Helical Insight 5.0 and I want to embed the application within my own web application. Is it possible to have the direct URLs for reports module where I can pre define the metadata somehow or open an existing report for editing, similarly for dashboards?

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Yes, you can use the following sample URLs and make specific to your needs. It is always possible to pass the exact path after dir=”” and filename with extension after file=””
• For opening a reporting interface allowing a user to create reports with pre-defined pre selected metadata
<base URL>/#/helical-report?dir=HI_Sample_Reports&file=testing_save.metadata
• For opening an existing report to edit
<base URL>/#/helical-report?dir=HI_Sample_Reports&
• For a new dashboard
<base URL>/#/dashboard-designer
• For editing an existing dashboard
<base URL>/#/dashboard-designer?dir=HI_Sample_Reports&file=dashboard.efwdd&mode=open
You can replace your own base URL of your Helical Insight application instance and your own file names.

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