Direct logging of SSO created user


We have implemented access to the Helical application through the SSO token as indicated in the documentation.

When accessed in this way, the specific user is created in our user list and able to access required reports dashboard etc.

If we establish a password to be able to access with this user using the login and password from the helical login page itself, the user is no longer accessible through the SSO token. When trying to access again using the security token, the page goes completely blank. It doesn’t show errors.
As an additional consequence, access to all content that had been created with this user is lost.

The only way to solve this is to log in with another user with an administrator profile and delete the user that produces this error situation.

How to fix this?

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In Helical Insight we can create 2 types of users

  1. Normal users : the users which we create manually from the user role management page UI o helical insight by providing username and password

For logging they need to enter username and password

  1. SSO users : These are external authenticated users , it will not have any password and session will be created with authToken

Note : In your use case looks like you are trying to change password for SSO user which is not correct usage.

A user which is created via SSO can only be accessed via SSO since it does not have a password associated with him. However if you are logging in as superdamin (like hiadmin) you can also click on impersonate and get logged in as any another user.

this functionality can help you in understanding what all things any other user/data/reports dashbord other user (normal or SSO) user has got access to.

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Helical Insight.