Data from different columns in a single column in different lines in a Table

Hello Helical Team,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0. I have a table in which I have the name, address and phone number. I want to show them as below:


I tried using concat, but it shows all the values in a single line. Is there a way I can get the above view?

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Hello Jam,

You can create a custom column with the formula similar to one shown below:

(‘Name:’||employee_details.employee_name||’<br>’||’City:’||employee_details.address||’<br>’||’Type: ’||travel_details.travel_type)

Note: Modify the column names and text as per requirement. The syntax differs from database to database and will need to be modified accordingly.

Here, the
tag is used to go to the next line. Basically the table understands the HTML tags which we are using. The output of the above code would be as below:


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Helical Insight.