Dashboard taking too long to open

Hello Helical Insight,

we are using helical insight 4.1 GA. One of the panel in the dashboard is taking too much time to load. Please help

Thank You,

Hello Sesa,

As we saw in the call that at the report level you are using VF file. However there were some customizations which were applied.

The issue is occurring in one of the reports due the custom VF being used. When you apply Header to that chart at report level the VF is not able to handle that in expected way (because via VF any external chart can be used and the inbuilt customizations are built and tested for the list of inbuilt visualizations only).

We have removed the header in the report and the dashboard will be loading just fine. In a similar way make sure that when it is VF no by default inbuilt customization is applied.

Further, for applying headers to the each report in the dashboard, please use the dashboard options (via right-click) and have a consistent settings throughout the dashboard. this will ensure that the dashboard has a common look and feel and appear more appealing .

Please go through the following topics for better understanding the dashboard features. You can make more attractive dashboards by following certain best practices, the link for the same is also shared
Right click operations for customization on dashboard : Right-Click Operations in Dashboard Designer - Helical Insight
Best practices for good looking functional quick dashboards : Dashboard Designer Best Practices - Helical Insight

Thank You,
Helical Insight.