Customize width of columns in a tabular report

Hello Helical Insight,

I have recently downloaded Helical Insight 5.0 I am preparing the dashboard in a tabular report. The report has a column which is having a large text while another column is only small value. But both of them are given equal space, is there a way I can change and make this look pleasing to read and print?

Thank You,

Hello Snow,

The width of column depends on the width of report and the number of columns in the report. The report has no way of knowing the content and thus it keeps the responsive design and manage the width accordingly. However, you can define your own width of the column if you feel like with the custom css.
You can right click on the dashboard empty canvas, go to Advanced->CSS option and apply this below mentioned CSS there.
Sample Script

width:100px !important;

You can put up the column number of the heading and the column and define your own width. You may repeat it for multiple columns as needed. You can modify this code as per your requirement. Below is the screenshot for reference


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Helical Insight.