Customization of Error Pages

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0 in an embedded mode within our product. In certain cases when the Helical Insight product gives bug the error page has got certain links and logo referring to Helical Insight product which we would ideally like to change. I would like to change the error pages that appear whenever there is some kind of error. I would like to remove Helical Insight logo, button, change the images and messages that appear on this page. Is there a way to customize this?"


Thank You,

The error pages are located in the folder:


You can find different JSP files here.

errorPages.jsp – If there is any error that is admin related or needs to be referred to the system administrator, this page is invoked. You can put the relevant messages on this page. The body of the errorPages.jsp contains the logo, button etc. You can replace/remove these as per your requirement.

accessDenied.jsp – If a particular user tries to access a resource that he is not authorized to view or which has not been shared with him, then this page is invoked. Similar to errorPages.jsp, you can make the customization to the body of this file.

pageNotFound.jsp – This file is invoked if the URL is not found or is removed/incorrect.

In these files you can remove the required tags and add your own images, hyperlinks, text etc as required.
Once the required .jsp file is changed, restart the server for the changes to take effect.