Custom styling CSS of Helical Insight vesion 5.0

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I want to customize the helical insight look and feel as per my requirement. To do that I need to add my custom CSS to Helical Insight. How can I acheive this?
Note that I am using Helical Insight version 5.0

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Yes , You can add your own CSS scripts to Helical Insight and customize the Application. You can acheive this by following below steps :

  1. Create or upload a CSS Script in the location :


Here we created a CSS script called ‘custom.css’
Step 2 :
Now add a link tag to this script in loginBody.jsp file (path : ...\hi\apache-tomcat-9\webapps\hi-ee\WEB-INF\jsp\login)


Code :
<link href="${baseURL}/css/<yourFileName>.css" rel="stylesheet">
Here change the ‘’ with actual file name that you have created in css folder in step 1.
In the above given image the file name is ‘custom’ so is replaced with custom.
This way we have integrated the new css file into the Helical insight. Some changes may not happen if there is a collision between css classes.

Refresh the page(remove cache) to see the changes. If you still not able to see once try to open in incognito also.

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Helical Insight.