Custom SSO Token in POST request

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Using url : Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) in the Helical Insight Application - Helical Insight

I have implemented custom sso for helical insight application. This by default work with GET request. But I want to pass authToken as parameter within body as POST request. Will It work? Because of security related issues, I do not want to pass that in header but in body and also don’t want to use GET, rather use POST.


Hello Netta,

Yes this is very much possible. You can pass custom SSO authToken within body as POST request. Token format and everything will remain same. It is just that you will be passing it in body as POST. Screenshot from postman as below for your reference :
Within the body you can pass KEY as authToken and within value the generated encrypted token. This will allow to login as well as sync the user role information into Helical user role management db.


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