Custom column is not working

Hello Helical Insight,
I am using Helical Insight EE 4.1 version. The problem is the custom column does not seem to work. The same thing is working when directly run on the DB using any of the querybrowser engines.

What I have used in custom column is below

([Temp_Repeat].[IVR WithIn 4 Hrs] + [Temp_Repeat].[IVR Within 4-8 hrs]+[Temp_Repeat].[IVR Within 8-16 hrs])

Thank You,

Hello Vema,

Right now if the column is having space name then it does not work at custom column. The columns you are trying to access is having that, that’s why it does not work. Whereas if you use other column like “CancelCall”, “CloseCall” etc they will work since they dont have space name. This is already present in the enhancements for the product.

Workaround 1: you can create a view at the metadata level and then that view can then be used to create the report.

Workaround 2: if you can rename your columnname at the db to not have space, then it will work fine. You can simply delete the metadata cache from admin screen and reload the columns which have been renamed at the backend in the metadata file. So that the metadata will now reflect without space name.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.