Crosstab is not working for other aggregate functions

Hello Helical Team,

I am using helical insight EE 5.0 GIT 686 build. When building a cross table with an average function. with three levels of hierarchy. after generating the table when we collapse a layer the values are adding up instead of applying an average. Only doing a sum works, it is not working for any other function like average, sum, count, max, min etc

Attached herewith the screenshots for the same. You can see that I have applied average, but still on the collapsed area is has done a SUM. It is always doing a a sum when collapsed


Thank you,

Hello Vema,

This issue is a known issue and has already been fixed. You are trying out the RC1 build of version 5.0. RC2 build onwards whatever aggregate function which is applied

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Helical Insight.