Creating chart for starters

I am newbie. How to go about creating a chart?

For reports and dashboards creation, Helical Insight allows three methods -

(1) Instant BI : With an integrated machine learning and NLP, with a google like interface it allows you to just type your question and get instant business answers, for example : What is the revenue in last 3 months?.
This way instantly reports, dashboards, geographical dashboard etc can be created. The same interface could also be used for customizing like color change, adding heading, customizing the chart etc.

(2) Self service BI : For slightly advanced user it provides option to drag and drop the columns, add filters and create reports and dashboards on the fly without any technical knowledge. It has place holders to add javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX etc for further customization of these charts.

(3) EFW : For advanced users like developers it also allows the option to use any editor like notepad++ and create data analysis in the form of reports, dashboards, what-if analysis etc.

What is Instant BI? How is this different from Self serviced BI?

Instant BI allows user to type what they need on a google like interface and immediately get all the relevant analysis in form of charts and reports. No learning curve, no technical knowledge required, ask question and let your data answer.

In self serviced BI you need to drag and drop the data to make a report but you still need some technical knowledge to make it. But in Instant BI you don’t need any prior technical knowledge you just need to put your query and the Instant BI will automatically create required report.