Create a chart drill down with third parameter

I’m using helical EE 4 and
I want to create a drill-down, and as my language is Persian I cant query database with labels and must use their id, therefor my problem is that how to send id to child report and show labels as legends.


For Pie Chart Drill Down on ID and Show Label

Ans: We have the following workaround that you can try at your end for your requirement.

Step 1: Create Parent report with the dimension as Label_ID by using custom column

Step 2: In the child report, insert the following script in the JS Editor:

hi_container.set("preFetch", function (a) {

 var b = a.get("requestData");


var value_str = b.filters[2].values[0];

var split_str = value_str.split("_");

b.filters[2].values = [split_str[1]];



Step 3: In the child report filter section, add ID as filter. Implement drilldown on the parent report.

Thank you for your response,
but instead of “b.filters[2].values[0]” I used “b.filters[0].values[0]”