Connecting Amazon Athena to Helical Insight

Hello Helical Insight,

I would like to connect Amazon Athena to Helical Insight. How can I do this?

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Hello Netta,

Option 1: Add JDBC driver

Helical Insight has the functionality to add additional JDBC drivers to connect to new databases. You can download the JDBC driver for Amazon Athena and then add the driver to Helical Insight.

Follow the instructions given in this blog:

Option 2:

Amazon Athena is based on Hive. You can connect to Athena using the instructions in this blog:

Note: We as a company have still not tested Athena, so there might be issues. You can try any of the methods mentioned above and let us know in case of any issues so that we can extend the required help.

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From Team Helical.