Configure Dashboards to user filters

Hello, i need to create dashboards to specific users, but i don’t wanna create a lot of similar dashboards in my database. I need general dashboards, and i want to change the filters of these dashboards based in which user is using that dashboard.
Example: I need a dashboard that shows me the sales made by one determined vendor in one determined country. I want a general dashboard that show-me all sales in all countrys, but, when a user login, he gets the same dashboard, but their filtres are already modified to his country and his determined sales. Do you understand what i am saying? Can i do that in the configurations or in the backend of the system?

Hi Leonardo,
The dashboards are created from reports and the reports are in turn created from metadata. The metadata is having a feature called as metadata security which allows you to define table level, column level and actual data level/row level data security from any organization role user profiles or combination of them. A metadata can have multiple security attributes.

Based on the metadata security conditions which have been defined when that specific user will login he will get to see only that limited amount of data.

Please refer to the below articles to understand how the same can be done

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