Concat function in custom column

Dear Support Team,

Can we use concat function in custom column? Could you please give us some example?


To add a custom column either double-click in the empty space of rows and columns highlighted by green color or by down-arrow next to column and rows highlighted by red color in the image.

Please consider following points to add a custom column:

• The columns to be concatenated should have fully qualified names. Here in derby database schema_name.table_name.column_name corresponds to the complete name. For eg: “HIUSER".“employee_details”.“employee_name” from our sample travel data.

• There should be at least one column already added to selection from the same table. You can even put it and hide that column in case if you don’t need it
In the example below, employee_name was first added from employee_details. The from the highlighted dropdown arrow, select custom column and write the query using the columns from the same table and give an alias to it.


• The syntax might slightly change based on the db like in some case " or ` or ’ etc might come. You can always click on SQLViewer to understand the SQL which is getting generated and cross verify if what you are doing is correct or not.

In the below example, 2 strings are concatenated using derby database and our sample travel data. In derby database concatenation operator is used.

Custom column : Custom Column - Helical Insight

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