Changing default CSS/styling used for reports

Hello Helical insight,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0. Is there a way to change the default font being used for reports? I do not wish to add CSS to each report that I create.


Hello Sesa,

You can change the font of individual tabular reports by using the following in the CSS editor in the report-edit mode:

   *.table {*

*font-size: 18px !important;*

*color :red !important;*


For changing the default font throughout the application for all the reports, follow the below given steps:

  1. Add the above mentioned CSS in a file with extension .css (eg.: newStyles.css)

  2. Place this file at the location …\hi\apache-tomcat-9\webapps\hi-ee\css

  3. Invoke this newly created CSS in these 3 JSP files : adhocReport.jsp, serviceLoadView.jsp and visualizeAdhoc.jsp

These files are located in folder: …\hi\apache-tomcat-9\webapps\hi-ee\WEB-INF\jsp

  1. Save the above JSP files

  2. Check the report/Dashboard in private window ( to make sure it is not coming from cache)

Note: You can add other common CSS such as border, background etc. in the newStyles.css file which you would like to be default look and feel of the application.

Helical Insight