Card widget not showing updated data

Hello Helical Insight,

have used a ‘card widget’ for display data, but it’s not worked properly. It displays old data not refreshed every time while data is updating. In the dashboard other graph-like pie charts, bar charts worked properly but the card widget not worked properly. Note that I am using helical insight enterprise edition 4.1 GA.

Thank You,

Hello Snow,

When you use any specific UI driven customization on card (like font, color etc) the data is not getting updated. This is a known issue.

Solution: Download file and extact you will get widgetCustomization.script file. Go to the location ..\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin\CustomScripts\card\js and at this location there is a file called widgetCustomization.script. Delete that file. Put this file which you have just downloaded.

Now any of the cards where you have already created and applied card’s UI driven customization open that, delete the UI driven customization and then reapply. Now when the data changes it will get refelcted here. This is to be done since the already created card will have older script still applied, that’s why it is important to open it delete the already existing customization and reapply and view. when you check please check in private window to avoid any issue of cache. You can also go to admin page and delete the Helical insight cache also. Refer to the images provided below

Whereas a new card this will not have to be done.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.