Cannot open/edit/delete Metadata and Reports although they are visible even after deleting Datsource

Hello Helical Insight,

When I delete a datasource, metadata and report using this datasource are not being deleted. But I cannot open/ edit /delete the visible metadata and reports . This behaviour is probably because I have deleted the metadata. So I assume that the left metadata and reports are trash only.


Hello Yenexow,

In Helical Insight 4.1 and other previous versions, we had concept of SIMPLE and CASCADE delete as it was FILE BASED system. We used to have files for everything. But now in version 5.0 we only have concept of CASCADE delete as we have moved all file based system to database. In future release from UI you will only see one option DELETE which will internally work as CASCADE delete only. Though we are planning to implement option of RECYCLE BIN.
Product team is working on these features and will be available in future releases.

Thank you,
Helical Insight.