Avoid splitting of records in next page

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using Canned report interface to generate reports on Helical Insight GA
Version.When I preview the report, if the content of last row is too large then it gets repeated in the next page and hence the record is getting duplicated. How to prevent splitting of records in the helical exported report

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Hello Sesa,

In helicalinsight ,if any particular column of the rows contains very large number of characters sometimes we might experience splitting of the rows or getting duplicate records when we export the report in xlsx or xlsformat…Let’s to how we can prevent that splitting…

1.Go to installation directory of Helical Insight (HI). For example in our case the path is “C:\Program Files\Helical Insight” for Windows
and “usr/local/Helical insight” for Linux.

2.Find the hcr file of that report. From the file browser you can right click on the report name and it it’s property you can find out the canned report name and its path.

It’s generally present at
“C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\hi-repository” in Windows
and “usr/local/Helical insight/hi/hi-repository” in Linux.
Open to the folder where that report is present, you will find the hcr file and efwd file of the report here.

We only need hcr file.
Now we have to edit that hcr file.
Go to point no.7, , here we can see
“details”:[{“bandHeight”:73,“isImageAttached”:“false”, and so on…


Give splittype = Prevent in the following way



3.Now save it and  restart the Helical Insight application.

So now the data will not get split in subsequent pages.

Helical Insight.