Audit Report

Dear Team,

Do we have anything which can be used for Audit?

For Example:

  1. I need to see which user has accessed a particular report maximum time?
  2. Need to take action if Email / Scheduling gets failed for any reason. Do I get notification for any such failures?
  3. Need to see how many times a user has logged in the system for a period of time.


Hi Pushpal,
As of now we are not really having comprehensive auditing capabilities. Though it is in the product roadmap.

For point 2 a workflow can be written using HWF (Helical Workflow) wherein you can write a login saying that if the email scheduling fails what action should get triggered.

You can get in touch with our tech team to learn more about HWF, meanwhile you can go through the below 2 links to learn more about HWF.

Thanks Team !

I will check the links you provided and let you know.