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I am using Helical Insight 3.1 EE in an embedded mode within my application. I would like to know more about the API to fetch the list of reports and dashboard current users has got access to and then display the same within my application.

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Hello Vetegoc,

Below mentioned are some of the APIs which you can refer to

(a) Fetching all the file types of entire file browser
This above API will give list of ALL the resources which current loggedin use is having access to. Hence all the content visible in file path gets returned in JSON format which you can accordingly modify and show within your application.

(b) Fetching any specific file types from entire file browser["report"]
This API will give list of resources with the extension .report which current loggedin use is having access to. You can pass things like report, metadata, efw, All etc here. Any of the file extensiosn can be passed here and accordingly it will only return those selected dataset.

You can also pass multiple values also as a parameter by comma seperated things like as shown below.["report","metadata"]

(c) Fetching the content of any specific subfolder
Service :
Using the above API you can also pass folder name and then you will can see the content of that specific folder as JSON response which can then be plotted on the frontend. You can right click on any folder and in its property you can find its name.

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Team Helical.

Note: From version 5.0 onwards, Helical Insight has been made a single web page application and entire architecture has been changed. Now when we trigger API of fetch resources we get the list of all resources which are also cached for better performance.

Also with version 5.0 onwards the below API has been deprecated (of fetching content of any specific subfolder).
(c) Fetching the content of any specific subfolder
Service :

Hence if you use the above API with version 5.0 onwards (i.e. pass folder) it will not work and you would still get list of all the resources. Hence in case if you want to show content of any specific folder only, then while embedding in your application you will have to limit the content.