After redirection Home page of Helical Insight loads partially

I am using Helical Insight application version 5.0/ we have implemented HTTPS redirection from our domain server in order to access Helical Insight application on HTTPS. After this redirection, Helical Insight application when we login it shows blank home page with lot of console errors. Half the page loads, like the generic HTML CSS frame loads but other things are not loading. The same is happening at ever module, file browser is also not loading.


Please help with resolution.



This is because services are not getting called correctly and they are still getting called from http. In order to solve this error, you have to change baseURL at 2 file locations.

Setting.xml file located at “…\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin”

Open this file and modify

Currently it might be pointing to local http. Change this to your actual https redirected URL.

DashboardGlobals.groovy file located at “….\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin\Static”

Open this file and modify value in def baseUrl

Currently it will be formdata.baseUrl, modify it with your redirected https URL in double quotes like “”.

After above 2 changes, restart your Helical Insight application server. Now you will not see broken page.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.