Adding a hyperlink in the Report

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I am working on setting up a dashboard where i have connected the reports as well. There is this i need to achieve on reports level so it gets update on dashboard.

I have column in the report where links are mentioned for the students dashboard that we need to make it in hyperlink so on the dashboard once clicked it take assessor to particular dashboard.

I hope this makes sense for hat i am willing to achieve.

Shoaib Memon

The question was not very clear.

a. At the dashboard edit mode, you have options of adding HTML CSS JS (when you right click on any component on the advanced tab you will get these options). So over there you can define the hyperlink and on click on the hyperlink whatever URL you want you can open that.

link text

Right click operations : Right-Click Operations in Dashboard Designer - Helical Insight

Note that there are by default drill down and drill through options also in case if you would like to use.