Usage of bubble chart with varying bubble size

Hello Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight enterprise version 3.1. I would like to use bubble chart with size of the bubble which is changing, x axis and Y axis.

Currently either there is scatter chart or the bubble chart is not having the axis. Please help.

Thank You.

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Hello Goboja,

Please download this file (3.9 KB) , unzip it and place the extracted file at the below location

No need to restart the server. Now create any scatter chart. Your scatter chart should have one dimension and 2 measure. Dimension goes on the X axis and the last measure goes on the Y axis.

Then go to β€œCustomize” and there will be a script called β€œBubble Chart Customize”. Double click on it and then you can specify based on what measure the bubble chart size should be defined.

Please download this image Scatter_to_BubbleChart and rename the image as β€œBubbleChartSize.png” and save it in the below mentioned location


Refer to the below image of how it will look like

Thank You
Team Helical