URL change

Hello, i need to change the URL from Helical Insight to implement in the server. So users can use that URL to get access into the system, without using the server IP. Where can i do that in HI?

Example: I want to change “http://localhost:8085/hi-ee/#/” to “http://grupoferraz/hi” or “www.grupoferraz/hi.com.br”. Where can i do that? Is it located at backend?

Hello LeonardoGF,

You can change the URL from settings.xml file.
Helical Insight–>hi—>hi-repository—>System—>Admin—>settings.xml
Search for http://grupoferraz/hi
For your reference please follow this blog

Note: If both are having different IP’s then you have to do redirection from grupoferraz server to apache tomcat server on 8085 port.

Thank You
Helical Team.

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