Unable to Integrate helical chart to a simple HTML page

Running community edition v3.1.0

This is my simple HTML page where I am trying to embed a helical dashboard.
my.html (1.2 KB)

This doesnot work. A Post request seems to fail on visualizeData.html. Screen shot attached below.

But the above setup works while having logged into the helical application in another tab. Pls check.

It would be help ful if you can guide us on how to make use of the /rest/login endpoint and use it for integration.

Hi Aksh,

Can you check and confirm whether this URL is directly accessible. Please share the screenshot of the same. before doind the same please make sure that you have closed all the other sessions and then trying in a private window.


yes, tried with closing the sessions in a private window. Only the static content like the chart heading comes thru, but the c3/d3 object does not appear.

We even tried using /rest/login api. It returns some cookie info. But still the url to chart is not working.

Would you be able to contact by email reg the same.