Table Header is becoming large

Hello Team Helical,
I am using Helical Insight 3.1. I have created a report which I am visualizing as a Table. I am also using “Heading” script but when the number of records are less than 10 then the table header becomes really long.
How to fix this?

Thank You

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This is a known issue. When the number of records are less than 10 and when we try to use Header then it tries to use the entire frame for the table, that’s why the header gets expanded like this.

This problem will not happen when the number of records are 10 or more than 10. In order to avoid this you can add header etc using HTML tags like the below.

This code will go into the JS editor.

hi_container.set("postExecution", function () {
$('#main').prepend('<div class="heading"><u><h4>Travel Cost Report</h4></u></div>');

For the above-added h2 tag you can also add inline CSS or CSS separately for customizing the look and feel. In a similar way, you can add more HTML also in the JS editor of Helical Insight.
Below is an image for your reference

Thank You
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