Problem with HelicalInsight services while migrating

Hello Team,

I am actually migrating from one version to another. I have deleted the older version folder from C drive program files and now installed newer version. But the application is not running though I can still see the HelicalInsight services in services.msc

Thank you

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Hello Vetegoc,

Since you have merely deleted the folder (and not uninstalled) the HelicalInsight service is still pointing to the older version of Helical Insight. So when you installed the newer version of HelicalInsight the service for this newer one did not got created.

In order to fix this go to the path (“C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\apache-tomcat-7\bin”) and there you will find the file tomcat7w.exe, rename this file to HelicalInsight.exe.

Now open this and there you will see that this is right now pointing to the path of your older installation. Provide the newer path here.





Thank you
Team Helical