Problem with connecting mongodb with helical insight

I want to create connection between HI and mongodb. i created data source as mentioned in database-support/connect-helical-insight-mongodb/ .
but still i am not able to get data from mongo db and getting exception _"ERROR GenericService:108 - An exception has taken place. The stackTrace is _
com.helical.efw.exceptions.EfwServiceException: Couldn’t get database metadata.".And I have 1 more doubt regarding query i have written in mongoDB datasource
sql: ‘select cast(_MAP[‘severity’] AS VARCHAR(30)) AS “severity”,\n cast(_MAP[“user_id”] AS integer) AS user_id from “report”.“tickets”’

if i remove sql querry part it works but not able to see data from mongodb.
PFA mongo-model.json and log file
Can Any one give suggestion on this?

HI Punkit,
Looking in to the log file you have shared, there is issue with the mongo-model.json file you have created. Where you have wrongly mapped table name specified as “report” but in mongo sql you have written having table name as report.ticket.

Helical Insight Team

Hi,Thanks for Reply and Sorry I had shared wrong file correct file is shared now and let me know where i am wrong and please correct me.

some times it gives stackoverflow exception,and sqlparser Exception…

Hi, Pulkit
Thanks for sharing the updated file, Looking at the mongo-model.json which you have provided, it has same value (report) to name parameter in both the schemas. Instead provide different schema names.

I have attached updated mongo-model.json file, use this mongo-model.json file and create the metadata using workflow. (480 Bytes)

You can refer below blog for creating metadata using workflow.

Helical Insight Team

With Helical Insight version 3.0 you can connect and use MongoDB directly from the frontend. Please refer to the below blogs to understand the same.

Connecting To MongoDB Using Apache Drill :
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