Postgress not working with other schema

Hello Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight enterprise version 3.1 along with postgress db. When I am using any other schema other than public schema the SQLQuery which is getting generated is not correct/
It is not appending the schema name to it. Please help

Thank You

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Hello Harika,

Please download (837 Bytes) file and extract it and save this file by the name of postgresql.efwd in the location "…System\Admin\DbConfig"

Please (416 Bytes) file and extract the file by the name postgresql.js and save in the location “…System\Admin\SqlFunctions”. Then restart. It will work fine.

Thank you
Team Helical

Hi Team Helical,

Thankyou. The changes have been implemented as per your suggestions for another schema in Postgres.
It is showing hundreds of temp schemas while create/edit metadata, please check bello screenshot. How can they be removed.


Thank You

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Hi Harika,

In the file setting.xml there is a tag like below on line number 436. You can add the below 2 part as well within that tag shown in red (keep other tags which were already present there within it).


Path of setting.xml is : "…\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin"

After doing that just to be sure restart the server. Then these temp schemas will not be visible.

Thank You
Team Helical.