Only Public Schema is visible not others how can I view all of them

Hi Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight 3.1 with PostgreSQL database. I am only able to see Public schema and can not see other schema. My data is present in other schema called Data 1. How can i view that?

Thank You.

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Hello Marc,

Wherever you have installed Helical Insight navigate to DBconfig folder and open the file “postgresql.efwd” in notepad++ or any other text editor.
For example in my case, the path is “C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin\DbConfig”

On line no 31 it has got something like this line select schema_name as schemas from information_schema.schemata where schema_name in (‘public’,‘pg_catalog’,‘information_schema’)
If you want to connect to any other schema then mention that schema name also above within the bracket ex; let’s say your schema name is Data1 you can mention like (‘public’,‘pg_catalog’,‘information_schema’,’Data1’)

Once you have done the above restart the application once. Then you will be able to fetch data from that other schema as well as whatever materialized view which is present in that new schema that you have added will also be visible.

Thank You
Team Helical.