Need Help in Date and Date Time Datatype Functions

Hi Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight 3.1 version. Database being used is SQLServer.
There are basically 2 errors which I am getting.

(a) Few of the columns which are having date and date time data is being shown as text /varchar data type in the Helical Insight application

(b) One of the columns is not showing the data and rather it is showing the driver URL.

How to fix these errors?

Thank You.

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Hello Marc,

In order to use SQLServer with Helical Insight, you must have downloaded and used SQLServer driver from this location

You should use “sqljdbc4” driver and not “sybasejtds-1.3.1” driver. Then you will not get this kind of error.
You can remove the previously installed driver, upload this newer driver and use it. To be safe you can also restart the application after putting the new driver.

Thank You,
From Team Helical.