Manual deployment of Helical Insight

Hello Team,

Is there any option of doing a manual deployment of Helical Insight application.

I have come across the below blog but I believe it is for an older version and not relevant for the current 3.1 version

Thank You

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Hello Harika,

Yes we do support manual installation. You have mentioned correctly that this blog is slightly old.

In order to do the manual installation you will have to take the β€œhi-repository” and β€œhi-ee.war” file manually take from some other instance where you have already installed.

Path of hi-ee.war : β€œβ€¦\hi\apache-tomcat-7\webapps”
Path of hi-repository : "…\hi"

Place hi-ee.war file inside Tomcat webapp manually and then restart tomcat.

Then you can place hi-repository anywhere and accordingly you need to configure the path in the configuration files.
If you refer to the below blog steps to be followed Step 2,Step 5, Step 6, 4th point of Step 7, step 8. After doing these steps please restart tomcat once again

Thank You
Team Helical