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We are trying to set Helical Insight in our Windows server, but we dont know where is the main page (login page) file in Helical Insight. What is the path for that file? Is in hi-ee->WEB-INF?

Hi Leonardo,
There is a jsp/login folder in WEB-INF, it has a file called loginBody.jsp file.
You can make changes in that specific file as per your requirement.


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Hello, we installed Helical Insight in our Windows Server, using port 8085 and hi-ee application name. But we dont get access to localhost:8085/hi-ee to make our tests. The system didn’t generate the hi-ee folder in webapps on installation. What can i do to gain access to the login page using simple localhost:8085 like in our test system?

Can you check whether a service is created? A service by the name HelicalInsight should be created in services.msc and be in running status. Then only the installation is successful.

The service was created, but is not running. What can i do to set the service in running state? I already uninstalled and installed the software many times trying to get a solution, but changing the ports, application name and other things dont gets me a result.
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I think the problem is with Tomcat.