Is it possible to display both the results Percentage and Actual Values in a Pie Chart?

Hi Helical Team,

I have created Pie Chart report and that report is showing either percentage or actual values, but I want the report to show both the results i.e., percentage and also actual values. Is this possible???
Thank You in Advance!

Good Morning Sri,
Yes, that is possible. You can show both the results i.e. percentage and actual values in a pie chart using javascript code.

JS Code:
var viz_Options = c.get(“viz_Options”);
viz_Options.chartOptions.tooltip = {
format: {
value: function (value, ratio, id) {
return value;

Use the above JS code to get both the results.
When you create Pie chart report by default the percentage values gets displayed, Click on the Editor Icon which is on left side, and place the given JS code, then click on Inject. Now, the report shows default percentage on pie chart and actual value on tooltip.
This will also work on donut chart.


Hi, Is it possible to do something similar to show the percentage that represents a bar of the bar chart?

Hi Dina,
Are you asking for a percentage stacked bar chart visualization?

Hi, no, i want a simple bar graph that show the value and percentage for each bar of the graph. Similar to the next image

Hi Dina,
it is difficult to achieve something like this. Perhaps it will be a better idea to use a donut or pie chart wherein you can show actual values and percentage also.