IPC with multiple panels and reset options

Hello Team,

I have a dashboard where I have implemented Inter Panel Communication between all the charts of the dashboard. They are listening to each other.

I have implemented inter panel communication among multiple charts i.e. on click action is present on multiple charts in the dashboard. so what should ideally happen is on clicking of any panel the previous interpanel communication filtered data which had hapened must be reset.

To explain more below is an example:

When I click on a column in Chart 1, the other charts change accordingly with the value of filter 1.

Now, I click on Chart2. The value displayed by all the charts is with value of filter1 AND value of filter2. But I want to filter the dashboard based on value of only Filter2 (passed from Chart 2).

Similarly, when I click on Chart3, the dashboard should be filtered with only Filter3 (passed from this chart). All previous clicks should be nullified.

I am able to refresh the value of individual charts by clicking on Refresh button present on top right of each chart. But, I need to achieve this in a single click (without having to refresh previous chart).

Is there any method to achieve this?
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Hello Roopa,

This is a case where, logically, you want to set all the filters to all and then set the value of the variable or filter depending on the chart clicked.

For this, go to Chart Drilldown customisation script at report level.

Add the child report and select the parameter that you want to pass. Ensure that IPC is enabled.

Click on Add in Parameter Mapping Section.

Here you can add a fixed value of any parameter. Add the other filter names and in pass value as all .

In the above example, in Chart 2, you will select Filter2 as the category and in the parameter mapping, add Filter1 and Filter2 with Value as all.

Similarly, for Chart 3, you will select Filter3 as the category and in the parameter mapping section, you will add Filter2 and Filter3 with Value as all

Please Note: If the default value is other than all, you can pass that value in the parameter mapping section.


Thank You
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